Luminous Depths 

The self-curated installation is exploring possibilities of applying reflective materials in the space in front of Wilkie House (part of the Millbank Estate), wrapping aluminium foil lining all surfaces of the space, thereby creating a reflective and visually interesting, yet symbolic, meaning to an otherwise unoccupied territory and period of history.

The installation continues the themes of movement and light through the intervention of a static material previously explored in our previous installation for the Festival. The utilisation of one of the remaining moat scars of the Millbank Penitentiary serves as a reminder that our urban environments contain built memory which reveal historic ties to our social and physiological mindsets.

Festival: London Festival of Architecture
Location: London
Local Authority: Westminster Council
Construction Cost: under £2k
RIBA Stages: 0 (Strategic Definition) to 6 (Handover & Close Out)
Status: Completed 2012