Luminous Depths

Installation for the London Festival of Architecture; composed of Aluminium Foil. Luminous Depths is hyperbolic reflection - light and images disperse and concentrate disturbing the usual urban fabric of the Millbank estate. The architects lined the moat with metallic paper to investigate a number of exciting spatial concepts using reflections and luminosity. Luminous Depths encourages an inordinately high level of visibility - the effect is essentially to open up of spaces that would have traditionally been hidden either entirely, or partially, from public view.

Liquid Memories

Art Installation for the London Festival of Architecture; composed of illuminating tessellating wires. The act of creating architecture seeks to rationalise space(s) through the delineation of boundaries. Utility, resonance and expression are individually addressed and aligned into design. At its most evocative, architecture has the potential to embody symbolism, evoking memory and inspiration.

All Saints Road

The building has undergone, over the years, several alterations to the facade with ornate mouldings having disappeared and large wall ties introduced to accommodate relevant structural changes. There have been attempts to visually tie the upper levels of terrace property to the former hotel by introducing a single render finish over the arched window moldings and associated cornices. These alterations have gone someway toward creating a coherent whole out of the two original buildings but the terrace building remains noticeably lower. To enhance the character and appearance of the building, the introduction of a new brick parapet and associated cornice was proposed to complete the visual amalgamation of the two buildings and provide a continuous relief to the top edge of the wall.

Natal Road

Two residential units situated within a disused council owned site in Brighton.

The Quant Building

Two bedroom micro flat within Walthamstow Central.

Havant Road

Residential side extension and interiors in London.