Luminous Depths

Installation for the London Festival of Architecture; composed of Aluminium Foil. Luminous Depths is hyperbolic reflection - light and images disperse and concentrate disturbing the usual urban fabric of the Millbank estate. The architects lined the moat with metallic paper to investigate a number of exciting spatial concepts using reflections and luminosity. Luminous Depths encourages an inordinately high level of visibility - the effect is essentially to open up of spaces that would have traditionally been hidden either entirely, or partially, from public view.

Liquid Memories

Art Installation for the London Festival of Architecture; composed of illuminating tessellating wires. The act of creating architecture seeks to rationalise space(s) through the delineation of boundaries. Utility, resonance and expression are individually addressed and aligned into design. At its most evocative, architecture has the potential to embody symbolism, evoking memory and inspiration.

Ceramics of Italy Pavilion, Miami

Trade show pavilion composed of various tiles highlighting the versatility and quality of Italian tile manufacture. The design seeks to portray ceramic tiles as a dynamic, flexible and versatile surface covering. By utilising the same tiles as a wall, floor or ceiling cover forms which undulate responsively to create space, this simple homogeneity of one material utilised as surface cover creates a reinforcement of the notion that the material transcends its function as a planar covering.