Royal Yacht Club, Guernsey

As part of an invited competition, the proposal for the new Royal Yacht Club in Guernsey was designed to belong to the visual language of the adjacent shoreline and to be a reflection of the intended building use. The distinct 'boat like' forms tip and turn, mimicking a collection of upturned boat hulls, with the intention that local boat builders would be commissioned to make each building shape within their warehouses as part of the proposals. Public communal WC and shower blocks are segregated out from the main conjoined building forms for practical reasons, whilst a new restaurant at first floor level would democratically offer public diners as well as club members the opportunity of fantastic sea views whilst dining. The scheme was well received from both members of the public and the members alike, and was featured in the BBC's coverage of the event. In the conservative setting of the island, as anticipated, all of the proposals sparked fierce debate with the local residents, leaving all proposals unrealised.