Luminous Depths (London Festival of Architecture)

Installation for the London Festival of Architecture; composed of Aluminium Foil. Luminous Depths is hyperbolic reflection - light and images disperse and concentrate disturbing the usual urban fabric of the Millbank estate. The architects lined the moat with metallic paper to investigate a number of exciting spatial concepts using reflections and luminosity. Luminous Depths encourages an inordinately high level of visibility - the effect is essentially to open up of spaces that would have traditionally been hidden either entirely, or partially, from public view.

Residents have complimented the architects saying the attractions have made places in-between come alive. In addition to charting a visual approach, are looking at the motivation behind applied design and the potential shifts in attitude and behaviour these new concepts may well create in public.

Luminous Depths explores the possibilities of applying reflective material on the space in front of Wilkie House, wrapping all surfaces of the space with aluminium foil lining (80m x 6m x 1.5m) thereby creating a reflective and visually interesting, yet symbolic, meaning to an otherwise unoccupied territory and period of history. By utilising a minimum depth of material intervention, the space is perceptually transformed from its initial state to one of new interpretation.