Four Gun Field, Kent

Outline planning approval for this periphery wasteland site was granted in 2012 for 36 dwellings and an 80 room care home for the elderly. The proposed master plan addresses the different site boundary conditions through the introduction of different built densities. A higher proportion of the single dwellings are located around the perimeter of the site, which serves to create a defined boundary to the site, encourages street scape, and provides a community enclosure for the new dwelling enclave.

As the dwelling approaches the open fields away from the Main Street, they are enlarged and are spaced apart at further distances to ensure that each dwelling gains an unobstructed view of the fields beyond. Appropriately sized dwellings benefit from large garages and plot sizes directly associated with larger sized properties. The layout is also carefully designed to incorporate existing historic right of way footpaths which must continue to be accessible once the scheme is built.

The end terrace buildings are designated as a sheltered housing for the elderly due to the severe lack of the provision within the locality. Details of facing material, as well as detailed layouts for the properties are currently being developed.